Dimitri Ivashchuk

Fullstack engineer/ blogger /egghead.io instructor

My idea of Mentorship

Mentorship is something that can't be defined once and for all, I think that's something that many people will agree to. I consider the role of mentor to have one single purpose which is to be in the right place in the right time for a mentee.

It can happen that one of your mentors could be a colleague at work who is always ready to share some helpful tips, your friend giving you life advice or a taxi-driver who gives you some valueable insights during the ride. The important part that relationship with mentor shall shape a better person out of your current self.

The same applies in mentorship for developers. It can be a long lasting relationship which brings you from zero to hero, or just a short messaging that gives you a perspective on a better career choices, better salary or more fun job.

How it works?

Right now I don't have time, desire or motivation to do paid mentorship. My purpose with this little side project is to share as much as possible with the community and provide some guidance to the people who need it. That may change in the future, but for now I only offer MERIT BASED slots for the mentees. Which means that I have 3-4 slots which I can handle at the same time, and I offer them to the students of my choice.

How can one apply?

It's very easy to apply for a slot - just fill in the form, try to include honest information about yourself and write your extended thoughts with regards to what you want to achieve. I will review your application, and will contact you if you get selected!

What if you don't get selected?

Don't worry, it would not be a problem at all as you could still write me on twitter and we can chat. In the future there will always be new slots as I try to give as much as I can, and when I see that there is nothing more to share I look for new mentees! Be sure to follow me on twitter, and you will get the necessary updates to be up to date with open slots!